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Horror Housemates Episodes and weekly info! READ NOW!!!

Send us asks on Tumblr! Tutorial coming soon. -Freddy

This is the first official club/group for Horror housemates! If you haven't heard of us yet....good. It sucks!

This is a fanclub to the fan parody know as Horror Housemates or HHM. A YouTube series about your favorite slash flick stars, all voiced and animated by :iconynnep: from now on!

It is a gay ass series so if you're homophobic then you probably hate abridges too and are a loser. Anyway, this club is for fans to submit art, vids and links you their own vids involving HHM or Horror art falling in this kinda theme. Enjoy!

Nothing that will get this clubs banned! NO SELF INSERTION PLEASE!! NO PARING THE KILLERS WITH YOURSELF/OC PLEASE!! IN ART OR FICS STOP BREAKING THEM UP FOR YOURSELF THAT SQUICKS ME OUT! You must fallow the code of conduct that DA forced appon us and like it! No hard smut, Shotacon (Save that for Tumblr)

No bashing other people. Be nice or Jason will be forced to kick your Asses out of here.

Submitting art and art themes
Anything goes as long as its main focus is HHM.

We take all kinda parings too. The main ones for this club are: FreddyxJason MichaelxGhostface Pikacu(devil)xPinhead and a few others. We are totally cool with you mixing up those pairings. Also totally cool with you drawing yoursefl/oc hanging out with them...just don't split them up for yourself. Not cool around here man.

:iconfreddyplz::iconjasonvoorheesplz::iconmichaelmyersplz::iconthe-real-ghostface:They are watching you. Cept Ghostface he's watching Michael.

The back story of Horror Housemates

The episodes of Horror Housemates!!!

More HHM videos!…

:icongooddayplz: GOOD DAY SIR!!

Random from Favourites

Group Info

This the official club for fans of the youtube series Horror Housemates. If you haven't heard of us yet...then you can go slash yourselves.
Founded 5 Years ago
May 24, 2010


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Fan Club

283 Members
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Recent Journal Entries

Animated series grocery list

A list of what I’ll need to get to make HHM animated. I will try to get what I can myself but help will be very much appreciated! TuT I won’t be profiting off of this series most likely so anyone willing to back Horror Housemates Animated…you are great.

OKAY~! Things needed.

NUMBER ONE, Microphones. 2 of them for me and my new creative partner. Cannot have HHM without sound. The ones in the link are cheap but should get the job done.…

An external hard drive to animate and store everything safely on. I LOST 2 whole episodes of HHM on my old pc. Over 800 pictures gone….you don’t want that do you?…

An Animation program. Like storyboard pro 4 or Toon Boom. I will probably torrent it but if anyone wants to wast that much on me, cool. Just let me know first.

If you want to help you can gift me and my partner this shizzle or just donate to the patreon until we can eventually afford these things. Eheheh I am a very VERY poor woman so any help will be great. If you cannot donate, that is FINE~! Just share this post and let people know that I am going to do my best of this.

Demo models for the animated series!…

They are still works in progress. Also I have a no partner for the show. I'll go into that another time.

You read right. I am going to start working on that shit. Wish me luck! They will look different from the characters for animation limitations and legal stuff but here is hoping it comes out okay!

On a more serious note. My ex-partner, Acinom18/whatevernameshegoesbynow has been posting some pretty harsh things about me. Like that I am basically elitist, feminazi bitch, selfish, bossy and that you shouldn't watch HHM…then deleting the posts soon after.

You can believe what you want. I am not going to argue with her anymore. 14 years was enough. If you wish to stay friends with here, that is fine too. I am NOT here to turn anyone  against anyone else. I am just some idiot on the internet making a series about gay movie killers.

But please support the series! I will do my best to make it worth it.
More Journal Entries








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